BEIJING's Top 5 Sights

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5. Tiananmen Square

A HUGE space where Chairman Mao announced the founding of modern China in 1949. Outside China it's famous as the location of a 1989 political protest. Come here to feel the weight of China’s cultural & political history...

4. Forbidden City

Above the Square is a huge palace that accommodated China’s government for almost 500 years. It consists of 980 buildings, including the most visited art museum in the world. Come here to experience the epitome of Chinese architecture...

3. Temple of Heaven

Next up, the largest complex in the world used to worship heaven. It’s a prime example of Chinese design, where nature’s imperfections are replaced with a beautiful order of straight lines and circles...

2. Summer Palace

Walk through these gates and you’re in a different reality; a vast collection of gardens and palaces. It’s also home to one of the longest corridors in the world, decorated with over 14,000 paintings & the beautiful Kunming lake! A great place to escape the city hustle...

1. 798 Art District

At no. 1 is a huge block in Beijing dedicated to galleries & cafes. It was originally a factory but by the end of the 20th century became abandoned, so the artists moved in. In a city rich with history, 798 is a refreshing glimpse of contemporary Beijing...

And that was my top five!

Till next time, zai jien (goodbye in Mandarin).

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