Is this the future of food?

Join me as I try 'Chapulín' at the insect market...

Why Eat Insect?

  • They’re full of fibre, protein and a ton of other good stuff.

  • Compared to meat, they’re great for the environment.

Beef (vs Cricket):

Producing beef requires 12 times more feed, 23 times more water and 38 times more land. It also produces 1815 times more greenhouse gasses. Combine all this with a booming population of hungry humans and insect appeal is clear.

Meat could one day be a luxury for the wealthy.

Will the West Bite?

Insects taste like what you add to them, so they have potential to become a meat competitor... As long as they are powdered!

Would you swap a steak for powdered insects?

Where on Earth?

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